Cartooning with Phil Judd

ruffToday I attended a cartooning workshop with Phil Judd. Phil is the creative force behind  Comic Express

I sat among the kids who ranged in age from tiny to tall. We learned the basics about shape and proportion and how to mix and match features to create completely different characters every time. Secretly, I believe I had the best time out of anyone there. I came home and began penning some more – and I have to admit, it could become habit forming. Phil was excellent with the kids. Very patient and encouraging. And his work is fantastic. Phil will be running more workshops. Check with your local library or on his website for workshop locations and dates. Today’s workshop ran for two hours and I came away excited and eager to have a go. I think I may have found a new addiction. 

Above, meet Ruff. Ruff is my first born. Here’s to many more like him…


10 thoughts on “Cartooning with Phil Judd

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you dabbled in drawing! Ruff is brilliant – I’m so excited for you. You’ve just dived right into the waters of inspiration and commitment, haven’t you? I can’t believe how productive you are even while working your crazy shift-work hours. You’re an inspiration…

    • Awww….you just made me well up. Thanks for that lovely reply. I am a closet drawer from childhood and have always wanted to get back into it. I spied Phil’s workshop a few days ago and forgot to book. When I rang this morning they were booked out. I hung up disappointed but then rang them back and begged to sit up the back and just watch. The lovely library lady said that was fine. It was such a great workshop and I am so glad I rang back to get in. I have just had the best days off chock full of writing and reading and now drawing. Total bliss. And as for inspiration…you never cease to inspire me. It’s nice to give back some of that.XOXO

  2. Hi Lynn

    Thanks for the kind words and interest in the workshop. Glad you got something out of it. I am very impressed with your character…you obviously paid attention…:-)

    I am hoping to do some in the future with adults if I cna get the numbers together…

    Thanks again and all the best with your cartooning and drawing career…Phil Judd

  3. Ooooh! I so want to do something like this, Lyn! I’ll have to keep my eye out for Phil in the future. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be, but I’m up for a new challenge!! I love Ruff. He’s just adorable!

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much. Let me know if you are keen cause I can let Phil know. Maybe we can get a group together. I’d love to do more. It is so relaxing to draw and paint again. I forgot how good it was. So different to the experience of writing. Doesn’t hurt my head as much.

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