Christmas in July

T’was the night before August and all through the house not an iMac was purring, not even a mouse. A worm of excitement wriggled about inside me as I lay in the dark, wondering what the next day’s mail would bring. I felt like I was six years old again. My head refused sleep, and instead filled with ideas that whipped about in an eddy of story potential. It was a long time before I slipped beneath the mantle of sleep. Even then, I dreamed of tall tales.

I cracked an eye open just after dawn. Poked a toe out from under the covers, testing the waters. Not too cold. I flipped back the blankets and pulled on some layers and headed toward the lounge-room. There was a bite in the air but I didn’t care. At the end of the corridor was a long awaited gift. I walked to my Mac and flicked it on. In under three heartbeats, it sprang to life. I opened my browser and clicked on the link and there it was.

‘Year of the Novel Online with Kim Wilkins’

“Come in, the water’s fine..”she wrote. And so I waded into the warm waters. Sanity had arrived in the form of a year long course that would guide me on how to unpack the novel that is stuck in my head. Well crafted instruction that will lead me to construct a story without the use of a single Allen key, and hopefully without a single screw, bolt or nut left unturned. Every fortnight for the next year, I will unpack another piece of my story under Kim’s guidance. I will spread her instructions on the floor before me, smoothing the edges and paying close attention to detail. I will be decisive and flexible as I stretch myself beyond my known limits. I will nail this story to paper. At last.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in July

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m doing Year of the Novel this time around. I did Year of the Edit with Kim starting this year and finishing in June. It made me rethink the whole novel – hence the YON thing now. I am probably the only person to do it out of synch – maybe like eating dessert before dinner – doesn’t matter cause it’s all good!

      • I have a friend who did Year of the Edit with Kim, then did Year of the Novel with Veny Armanno (and me). Then I went on to do Year of the Edit with Kim, so don’t worry about synch, just go with the flow, Lynn. You’ll fit all the learning into a framework that’s meaningful for you. Enjoy it; Kim is a wonderful teacher. 🙂

      • Thanks for that Chris,

        I did feel kinda silly doing it A-backward but as long as the end result is a positive one – then it’s all good. And I trust Kim -so I can’t go wrong except by my own doing!

    • Hi Kath,

      It will be exciting to watch this novel grow as the year goes by. I’ll be feeding my story with high powered Wilkins Dynamic Lift every fortnight. How could anything not bloom with that kind of attention?

  1. Thanks, Kim,

    I will replay that image of you every two weeks as I download the next lesson. It will be like getting a new toy to play with each fortnight. I’m itching for Saturday week already.

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