Water’s Edge

He found her near her water’s edge, arrived to gaze upon her face,

Unfurled a sea of words that he splashed with care about her place,

He took her by surprise, took her beast and laid it down,

Soaked its head in sorrow and then let the sorrow slowly drown.


He spoke about a past that was dark as night is long

as he slaved away in silence reproducing angel song,

And all the while he packed away the secrets of a past,

His one true love lay folded deep inside a tear shaped crystal glass.


He waged an honest war against the demon of his days,

Fought back at all the wrongs 

to banish risky ‘come what mays’,

She watched him standing there, the sun against his skin,

And noticed in his eyes 

that a gentle rain had set in.


“What brings you to my water’s edge?”,

She searched for answers in his eyes

and through the parting clouds she suspected hidden lies,

But in the crystal blues she found no hoax nor guile,

He was just an honest man who had placed his life on trial.


“I come in peace, am friend not foe, am only here to share”,

And as he set his goblet down, she noticed moonbeams in his hair,

Inside his crystal goblet was parchment folded thrice,

“What message have you brought me, Sir?”

She asked him twice.

And not ‘til he was ready did he offer her the news that greater good had sent him there to reinstate her muse.


And there beside the water’s edge they shared a common love 

of word and parchment, quill and pen,

beneath a cloudless sky above, 

They spoke until the sun fell to a moonless night confirming to each other friendship’s might,

She held her tongue but finally spoke, “Why did you choose to do this task?” 

He smiled a little, cocked his head,

“Because you asked.” 


And there she saw the clouds had gone, his blue eyed rain had washed away,

She asked him one more thing,

“Will you stay?”

Again he smiled and cocked his head in confirmation of his pledge,

Fulfilled, she took his hand and pledge and led him to her water’s edge.

© 2009 -Lynn Priestley


8 thoughts on “Water’s Edge

  1. Wow Lynn. I feel like each time I visit you here, I’m a little more blown away by the extent of your talent. A writer, an artist, and a poet too. Half way through I had to scroll down to the bottom of the post, suddenly realising it was your writing, rather than some ‘famous’ poem you were quoting! Just beautiful.

  2. Ohhh, thanks, Kath,

    Your comment gave me goose bumps. Thank you. It has been a very long time since the muse has had me writing poetry and I realise now how much I missed it. The muse turns up in wondrous forms, sometimes. I am glad she has been reinstated and am grateful to be inspired like this again.

    • Am happy my words touched you, Nicole. It’s always nice to create something that ripples beyond ourselves and helps others. Hugs to you, XOX

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