Three things that made me smile today…

  • 1. A friend acknowledged something I did for them and they thanked me
  • 2. I wrote, uninterrupted, all afternoon
  • 3. I saw a woman, heavily pregnant, wearing a white shirt that stretched tightly across her belly. Printed on the shirt were the words “Due in August”
  • All  gifts. All equally beautiful…

5 thoughts on “Three things that made me smile today…

  1. Always happy to make others smile. The lady with the “Due in August” belly made my day. It’s amazing some of the places where you find good words…

  2. Just discovered your blog, Lynn. It’s lovely. Wow. There is so much I have still to learn — even the basics about how to get a nice blog up and running. I’ve taken mine off for now because … because I need to write more! Would you suggest I leave off having a writing blog until I actually get a first draft of a novel completed (lol)? Year of the Novel is going well with Kim at the Queensland Writers Centre but I’ve had the flu for the past week and haven’t written a thing. Your blog has inspired me to get back to it. Today! My original YON writing plan has gone out the window. I like your calendar idea — block time aside for writing, plotting, scene checking, etc. Will make sure I turn up on the AWMonline writing race tonight too.
    Joanna :))

  3. This reminds of the ‘gratitude journal’ I kept for over a year not long after my transplant. I had to write five things down in the journal every night. The beauty about it, is that I would often write more. Methinks I need to start another. People tend to focus on the bad things that have happened during their day, whereas I like to remember the good. I am grateful that you are my friend. Much love, Carls xoxo

    • Carls – that is beautiful. Have been a big fan of Julia Cameron and her morning pages for many years and use that space to pen gratitude as well. And in doing so, I feel so much more connected and inspired when I am focussed on positives than when I whinge about stuff. And I have slowly learned that when I stop searching for the negatives in life, I find the positives in myself – the filters fall away and I am left content and happy. Something worth writing about. I am so glad our paths have crossed again and especially along this writing journey we are both on. I am honoured to be your friend. Every interaction with you teaches me much and makes me a better person for knowing you. Love you XOXO

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