Christmas in July

T’was the night before August and all through the house not an iMac was purring, not even a mouse. A worm of excitement wriggled about inside me as I lay in the dark, wondering what the next day’s mail would bring. I felt like I was six years old again. My head refused sleep, and instead filled with ideas that whipped about in an eddy of story potential. It was a long time before I slipped beneath the mantle of sleep. Even then, I dreamed of tall tales.

I cracked an eye open just after dawn. Poked a toe out from under the covers, testing the waters. Not too cold. I flipped back the blankets and pulled on some layers and headed toward the lounge-room. There was a bite in the air but I didn’t care. At the end of the corridor was a long awaited gift. I walked to my Mac and flicked it on. In under three heartbeats, it sprang to life. I opened my browser and clicked on the link and there it was.

‘Year of the Novel Online with Kim Wilkins’

“Come in, the water’s fine..”she wrote. And so I waded into the warm waters. Sanity had arrived in the form of a year long course that would guide me on how to unpack the novel that is stuck in my head. Well crafted instruction that will lead me to construct a story without the use of a single Allen key, and hopefully without a single screw, bolt or nut left unturned. Every fortnight for the next year, I will unpack another piece of my story under Kim’s guidance. I will spread her instructions on the floor before me, smoothing the edges and paying close attention to detail. I will be decisive and flexible as I stretch myself beyond my known limits. I will nail this story to paper. At last.