The Interrogator – Meeting the Man

DSCN0624I have finally taken the plunge and dived into the world of thrillers. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting JJ Cooper, author of The Interrogator (published by Random House Australia). JJ was signing his debut novel at a bookstore near where I live, so I took the opportunity to go forth, purchase, meet and support. I have mentioned this before in other posts and yet still I can’t help saying it again. I am continually amazed, as I travel through this writing journey, at just how generous and encouraging other writers are of each other and of newbies like myself. 

The networking opportunities available today have helped me enormously. Without internet connections, I may never have hooked up with JJ and benefited from his wise words. He encouraged me as a writer to stick with it and to believe in the story I am telling. I tend to get so caught up in the structural side of getting it right that I forget that there is a wonderful story to be told. His words have made me revisit the magic that made me begin writing my novel in the first place. He was so generous with his time and I am so grateful to him for sharing part of his writing journey with me. The ripple effect of his words have lingered with me today as I journey back into the “story” of my novel and start telling it from the heart.  His words about discipline ring loud as well – about turning up to the page every day and going to work.

A visit to his blog site offers even further food for thought. His blog has a wealth of information for writers. As does his website. I’m itching to read his book, have taken a peek at the first few pages but for now have a word count of my own to produce before I can indulge myself. It shall be my reward when my work for today  is done.



6 thoughts on “The Interrogator – Meeting the Man

    • Hi Karen,

      Talking with other writers always inspires me no end. I am just so grateful they are so accessible here in Brisbane and online. Look forward to catching up at CYA 🙂

  1. He sounds lovely, Lynn. Looking forward to meeting him and reading his debut. I too am constantly amazed at the generosity of the people in this industry.

    But you should know that people only respond to you in that way because of the beautiful energy that you give off. Just so you know, speaking with you always renews my inspiration and belief in myself, too.

    • Aww. that’s lovely, Kath. Thanks for your kind words. JJ was just delightful. So down to earth and easy to talk to. Thursday should be a blast. Enjoy and have one for me.
      P.S KB, I will always believe in you! Even when you don’t…

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