Gimme the Facts…

I’m at that stage of the journey, where I can no longer make stuff up. Writing about the real world is challenging, especially when my main character  is going through medical hell. Whilst I have the outline of the story pretty much figured out, it’s now time to start fleshing the story out with the facts, in order to make my story authentic and factually correct.

I am so grateful to be writing in this day and age. Research has never been easier with the  World Wide Web and email facilities literally at my fingertips.

The only downside to research is that it’s time consuming searching for facts that fit the story. And it’s also a Pandora’s Box. I get side tracked and fascinated and overwhelmed and often so distracted by all the great facts I find that I want to restructure the story to fit everything in. A trap of facts that I fall for every time.

This time is different. I am organised and focussed and I have a plan. Specifics will save me. I have a list of questions. Specific questions. And I have a brand new timer from Smiggle. With 30 minutes a day of allotted time to research my facts, I have to be ready and willing to get in and get out, to avoid that spiral down the great factual vortex of no return. So off I go…into the factual void, armed and ready with my Smiggly device. Fear not…I’ll be back… that’s a guaranteed fact.


4 thoughts on “Gimme the Facts…

  1. I LOVE the research phase. My favourite part is when a detail triggers a whole new connection for the story, or when serendipity provides a fact that so perfectly melds into the plot that it feels like the universe had it all prearranged.

    I know what you mean about the danger of getting addicted though. I’ve been researching a new novel myself, and it can certainly turn into another form of procrastination…

  2. I agree, totally, Kath. It’s that part of the journey where all kinds of in-roads can develop that link story together. I remember when I was researching for my Y/A fantasy novel, I was amazed at how many facts I would uncover that could explain why my character behaved in a certain way leading up to the find. Quite spooky, sometimes. It is almost like the universe is leading you to the pot of gold. I have to admit- researching medical stuff doesn’t seem anywhere near as exciting as when I was tracking down ancient gods of Egypt! Switching from fantasy to real life, I am now finding I research people’s reactions and conversations on a day-to-day basis and I am bringing that into story. So much of what I hear in a day now relates to Meredith’s journey. I suspect it’s because my subconscious keeps the radar running. My two little satellite dishes (aka ears) keep sweeping through space picking up on stuff that suits the purpose of my story. It’s funny how the brain gathers information for wherever our focus is.

  3. Hello Lyn,

    I thought I would check out your blog as you mentioned it in a response on the YON thingy today.

    I am going to sign up as it is a very interesting space – I have started one but really have no clue what I am doing – yours is so interesting.

    Jen B

    • Thanks, Jen,
      I love blogging about my writing life. It gives me a place that feels comfy and safe, where I can whinge or rejoice as the case may be. Lovely comments like yours keep me going with it. Once you get on your blogging feet, you’ll find so much support from other writers. It’s very inspiring.

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