A Week of Dabbling in Paint

Gus copy

Meet Gus...coming soon to an alley near you


Stampin Stan


Butcher Bob and Snagger


Dragon Learner


6 thoughts on “A Week of Dabbling in Paint

      • Ohh, thanks, Kath,

        I’m trying to figure out how to fit them as larger images into the narrow template. I seem to lose half of them if I post them too large. These are my night-time images that linger on the edge of sleep – finally making it down on the page in some form, at least. Still such a great learning curve – but loving it!

  1. Lynn, wow! You’re style and confidence with line had already come a long way from those first few images you posted all those months back. Gus is wonderful – so much personality, and I love the fantastic little details in the background of each. The illustrator in me wishes I could blow them up larger to study them!

    Your style reminds me of the wonderful Lee Hobbs. Keep it up!

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