Don’t give up…

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5 thoughts on “Don’t give up…

  1. Lynn! Where are these coming from? Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely adore this image. It’s stunning. Such a strong sense of character and mood. I love this style. This is brilliant, because I can now say I have an illustrator friend in you! I know so few illustrators, so I’m very excited 🙂

    • Oh, and thank you so much for the lovely words and encouragement – they mean a LOT coming from one of my favourite illustrators ever! It’s like I have discovered another world and it’s beginning to look a lot like home.

  2. I know – frightening, isn’t it? And I am totally addicted to this illustration thing. I just lugged home a bag full of supplies. Now I need some technique builders and lots of honing…and practise, practise, practise. Like writing, this is an area where I will never stop learning and hopefully never stop improving. Unlike writing, I can illustrate in any state of fatigue, which is perfect me and my crazy work hours. I have a blog in me about all’s brewing…

  3. I see what you’re doing, girls and it lures me like something luscious on the horizon that I’m not game to go near. Too much writing to do! Never illustrated for books, just done paintings, but oh, boy, it’s so tempting.
    Keep putting them online so I can admire from afar!

    • Ah – alluring, it is. It may get you in the end, Sheryl – this illustration bug. And what a lovely bug it is. It’s so lovely that I am going to have to allot specific times to draw, in order to go back to my novel cause otherwise I fear I wont stop at all!

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