The Great Trial of Style

dog_grassIn this past week, I have laid my writing pen down, taken up pencils and paints, and re-ignited my love of illustration. A couple of years ago, I completed a Diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising. The fruits of that labour have remained bare until this past week, when something twigged in my brain. My head is now crammed with images. I see them at night, as I teeter on the edge of sleep. I see them in patterns of nature, I see them in day to day shapes, day to day life; images that I long to pin down to paper. What I haven’t found yet is my style.

I have been researching illustrators and their techniques. My favourites so far include the works of Aaron Pocock, Arthur Rackman, John Bauer, Shaun Tan, Stephen Michael King, and  Jules Feiffer. But there are so many more, and so many to learn from. I am dabbling, right now. Trying on styles until I eventually see my own shining through.

It’s been a great week of immersing myself in the world of colourful inks but my novel calls and it is time to refocus on it. Wish me luck – I fear once bitten by the Great Bug of Inkiness – it will be hard to stay away. We’ll soon see…


6 thoughts on “The Great Trial of Style

    • Hi Karen,

      It’s amazing to look at other people’s work and just marvel away. I am in awe of so many illustrators – some of their work moves me to tears at times. It’s a wonderful other love to have aside from writing.

  1. Style is something that develops over a long time, and often others will see it coming through in your own work before you will. I can already see it emerging in your images, just peeking through to tease us with what’s to come. So exciting!

    Shaun Tan and Stephen Michael King have largely influenced my own work, but also Oliver Jeffers, Tohby Riddle, Freya Blackwood and Anne Spudvilas.

    • Thanks, Kath,

      It is exciting because I am travelling blind here with no clue where it will lead. Half the fun! I am learning that it is very much a practise thing.So – I shall just keep on doing that. Thanks for these other references – I will take a look.

  2. Hi Lynn, I’m new to your blog, and wow, love the pictures you’ve done! Esp the hope one. Good luck refocussing on your novel, but if you can’t, how fantastic to be able to swap to the visual medium. I’m in awe of people who can write AND draw, wish I’d stood in that line when the talents were handed out!

    • Hi Trudie,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for your kind comments. I am slowly sliding back into my story after the last couple of weeks of dabbling in colour. I have to admit that now I am back into the story, I realise I have missed it. Maybe this drawing thing is beneficial as it allows me a break from the novel whilst I express in a different medium. And going back to the writing feels good. Ha – it’s a bit like having an illicit second love – sneaking away for some time alone with another!

      I think there is an artist in each of us – so don’t give up. I never really know what’s going to come through the end of the pencil – hence the search for style – but so long as what comes feels good – then it can’t be a bad thing.

      Thanks again for visiting,

      Come back anytime – doors always open 🙂

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