Clockwork Orange

I swam after work today. I didn’t want to. It was overcast and cool but still, I went. I chose ‘the orange’. This ‘orange’ term has recently surfaced in my life. It came about one night as I struggled trying to make a choice. Eat the chocolates and feel guilty or eat the orange and feel good. The logic was simple. The chocolates were nicer, tasted better, were easier to eat – but in the long run, not as good for me. I deliberated for a long, long time. The cold escaping from the fridge as I stared into that snow white wonderland full of tasty promise. I wondered how it might feel to go against my greater good and actually dismiss the chocolates. I tried it. I chose the orange. And it was good. So good, in fact that I applied the ‘orange’ test to other choices.  I came to see that exercising will power felt good and got things done.

Today, about to head for home, I stared into a grey and gloomy sky. As the wind whipped about me, I silently declared it wasn’t swimming weather. I considered heading home and bedding down upon the couch beside the dog, with a good book in hand. The image formed, soft and plump and comfy in my head. A feel good image. But then I saw the orange. My chosen symbol representing choice. The proof that exercising will power leads me to a better place, every time.

I lingered for a bit on the front step. Dodged the gusts and waited as opponents in my head took their corners. Comfy couch and snuggly dog huddled in the red corner…nippy pool bounced back and forth in the blue. The orange rose between the two like a giant sun and I projected all my thoughts to the after side of either choice. In my head, or maybe in my heart, I knew the hard work choice would be the one that would feel worthwhile. So, I chose the orange. I swam. And as I predicted, it felt good.

Tonight, the orange called again. The couch looked good. The dog lay waiting, belly up, begging pats. But there upon the desk – my Mac, my novel notes and somewhere in between, my inspiration and my discipline sat ripe and ready. I opted for the orange, took up my pen and wrote. And as predicted, it felt good. Time well spent. It got things done.


2 thoughts on “Clockwork Orange

  1. I love it! Go the orange! I’m think I might steal your saying – I can see it really working for me. And in your honour, I’m now going to shut the internet down in the pursuit of the orange and get back to my novel redraft…

    • Kath, I’m seeing T-shirts and coasters and all kinds of apparel. I think I will design a logo and perhaps make a ‘Go The Orange’ FB page full of enlightening and inspiring quotes for writers to get their butts in chairs and words on paper. Funnily enough, when challenges have presented this week, I have actually caught myself thinking..”Go the Orange’ and winning. Orange power rocks!

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