I would like to wish all who have supported me on my writerly journey, a very safe and happy holiday. Thank you all. May the Reindawg of Happiness and Goodwill shine upon you…


2 thoughts on “Ho…Ho…Ho…

  1. Is this your new little mate, Lynn?
    Is he/she a(can’t spell it )ShZu? I’ve missed letters out, I know. He/she is very cute.
    I had 5 dogs and 5 cats. Two sister cats, one died at 20 years and the other at 21. She still going strong except for arthritis of some kind, and she was senile, and she used to get lost on my side-closed-in verandah, crying out ‘Haawo, haawao.’until I ‘found’ her and picked her up.

    • Hi Lexie – this is Moo moo – she is my first dog. I had her before Ollie came along. She’s doing well, considering how close they were. Still good days and bad days. I still miss him terribly. I doubt that will ever change. Wow 20 years is amazing for an animal. It’s impossible not to get attached to them. They are all so perfect and beautiful.

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