The Year That Was

Here we are rolling to the end of the decade. The year has come and gone but not without its ups and downs. In summary, here is the year that was for me.

  • I made it through Year of the Edit
  • I commenced Year of the Novel
  • I finally let go of a story that hadn’t let go of me for years
  • I had my first submitted children’s story published by School Magazine
  • I pulled out my paints and brushes and waded back into the waters of illustration
  • I continued this blog
  • I fell in love with writing again
  • I studied the craft of writing and learned continuously throughout the year – despite my doubts of remaining a writer
  • I attended the CYA conference, which has fuelled in me a desire to work hard and become successful
  • I attended my first SCBWI meeting and met more wonderful writers and illustrators
  • I attended the Brisbane Writers Festival
  • I wrote and stayed sane whilst working full time as a shift working nurse
  • I was supported and encouraged by dozens of wonderful writers and illustrators – I am forever grateful to these people. They kept me writing and illustrating.
  • I made dozens of wonderful creative friends online and in life
  • I discovered that the determination and discipline I so often admire in others, dwells within me also – and is as accessible as my next breath – should I choose it to be.
  • I learned that whilst writing is hard work and often lonely, it is when I am in that isolated and sometimes difficult space that I feel the most connected to a greater power.
  • I discovered that if I allow time to empty my mind of garbage, creativity fills the space. Every time.
  • I realised that if you just sit and write 500 words a day – your day is infinitely  better than when you don’t
  • I accepted that on some days – it was too difficult  to write a single word, and that was OK.
  • I learned to be kind to myself
  • I lost my beautiful four legged mate and experienced how devastating grief can be
  • I gained a renewed relationship with my other four legged mate – a bond that grows stronger and more beautiful each day
  • I realised that all things change and nothing can ever remain the same – and that is OK. That is life
  • I learned that sometimes it’s better to say nothing
  • I realised that all I see in the world is a mere reflection of what is going on inside me
  • I learned that random and anonymous acts of kindness make you smile on the inside – where it counts
  • I confessed to the addiction of  buying writing journals
  • I wrote my goals for 2010 before 2009 actually finished – proving to myself that I still want to be a writer. No matter what.
  • I realised that no matter how the odds may stack against me, I will never stop writing. Not ever

To all my beautiful writing and illustrating buddies and to the readers of this blog – may 2010 bring you endless joy, success and happiness wrapped firmly in a cloak of safety and love.

See you all in 2010.

Happy New Year 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Year That Was

  1. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for dropping by. It was great to reflect back on my year. I think as writers, we tend to just keep looking forward, planning “The End” or planning the next great adventure without taking the time to reflect on where we have come from and what we achieved. This list made me think about areas I could improve or enhance through this next approaching year. Having goals for next year done before the year arrives has been a great motivator for me – the cogs are already turning and I am looking forward to another year of writing challenges.

    Hope 2010 is wonderful for you in every way. And I hope it is filled with great writing challenges and many writing successes. See you soon,



    • Thanks, Kath,

      It was a great year. And congratulations to you for your wonderfully successful year, too. You are such great inspiration. Thank you for your friendship and all your writerly support over the year. Here’s to a great 2010!

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