Ocean Flaw

There’s an ocean inside him,

Drowning her slowly,

She’s searching for land but is just out of reach,

A tempest is brewing each moment she fails, 

And she’s battered and bruised

as she’s washed to his beach.


His eye has its bias,

His sea has its plight,

His you is an incomprehensible fight,

For nothing remains very long in his view,

As he flounders in search of that somebody new.


His tide ebbs and flows, etched on a string,

And coaxes her back to the very same thing,

She resists him at first,

Bobs on his wave,

Then digs one more hole in his watery grave.


 And here she remains

‘Til her strings rot and frey

As she’s lost once again in his salt water grey.


 She swears on a moonbeam, 

This chance is his last,

Or his unfullfilled vows will be shelved in her past.


But then the tides turn,

And she digs from his grave,

And swims for the life

that she knows she can save.


She breaks from his mooring,

Swims to her shore,

And leaves him to drown

on his sad ocean floor.


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