A letter to my little dog…



     It’s March 24th, and I am sitting here writing to you, Little Dog. It’s the eve of a major milestone. If I were to turn the clock back ten years ago to this day, you wouldn’t be here. I’d be sitting alone in a house full of fear and bad memories. I would have spotted you a week ago, rolling about in that pet shop window. I would have passed you twice in one week. Contemplating. They say three times is a charm and the third time I saw you,  you charmed me. I am still besotted.  I went for a haircut that day. I came home with you. A tiny bundle of uncertainty. I’m not sure who was more frightened.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

   Slowly, your presence chased out the bad memories and the lessons began. You taught me the hard stuff the fun way. And my days  filled with sunshine and light. Everyday, I see in you  qualities I hope will develop in me; courage and joy, fun and patience, determination and loyalty. Above all, though, unconditional love. If your love were currency, there’d be no poverty left in this world. Because in you, it is endless. And I am grateful for you. So I just wanted to say thank you, Little Dog. For all the cuddles, and fun and joy and laughs, tears and love we have shared over the past ten years.  I pray for many more mornings where I wake to your beautiful face staring down at me, where a gentle paw nudges me from sleep. I am so glad you picked me. I am so glad we fell in love.

Happy anniversary, baby…you are my Earth Angel

Eternally yours,







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